Build it and they will come

Build it and they will come.

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimisation to give it its proper title, is the art of getting your site listed in Google...


  • other search engines are available. You have an amazing all singing and dancing website, but you get very few leads, read on.


Well actually, no not necessarily...

Unless your website is listed in the leading search engines, how will potential clients/customers find you? Word of mouth? Local advertising, that’s all well and good, but having a good presence on Google can be a constant stream of reaching new clients.

Good SEO Practices

Firstly, it is imperative that you use only recognised SEO practices that are recommended by the search engines. These are called ‘white hat’ techniques. These are looked at favourably by the search engines. Be cautious of companies offering quick fix solutions, these are called ‘black hat’ techniques. Obviously, such companies will insist they are perfectly acceptable industry used methods, but you can be penalised if the search engines suspect your site is using such techniques. Generally if it sounds to good to be true, is usually is. A good SEO campaign can take time, but the lasting effects are worth the investment.

It can all becoming daunting, so getting the correct SEO practitioner in place can literally make or break your SEO campaign.

For a hassle-free SEO assessment, please get in touch.

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