TAB Recruitment rebrand, new logo approved

MALO Creative Media - Brand Development

MALO CM, was approached by TAB Recruitment regarding a complete overhaul of their company logo and recruitment website. We’re pleased to say the logo shown has now been approved. We’ll keep you updated regarding the website once the development has been completed.

Logo creation

Rebranding is an essential step for businesses looking to update their image or reach a new audience. TAB required a fresh and vibrant look, something to help engage young working professionals. Knowing our target audience, we set about the task of researching the recruitment industry, analysing their competitors to help better understand market trends, to help ensure we came up with something unique and on-brand. We examined typography that we felt would help reflect the brand identity and came up with various colour palettes we felt would resonate with the target audience. Once we had finished our research, we then produced a series of concepts.

These concepts were presented through a presentation pack. After reviewing the initial designs, feedback was provided by the client, and iterated until they were happy and settled on the logo shown. Before finalising however, we tested it across various mediums (both digital and print) to ensure it looks strong and remained legible in all formats. The logo was created to work on both light and dark backdrops, allowing more flexibility.

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