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  • SRL reached out to us initially for assistance with their SEO strategy as their website had experienced a drop in organic search rankings. Our primary objective was to boost their online visibility. However, upon evaluating their site, we found it to be somewhat outdated...


  • After successfully achieving our initial goal of improving their ranking, we were entrusted with the development of a new website. The focus shifted to creating a modern, user-friendly platform designed to generate more inquiries and engagement.


The solution.

We began the process by sketching out a series of prototypes outlying the key areas we wanted to highlight. Following approval, we proceeded to design both desktop and mobile concepts. The key aim of the website was to showcase the outstanding work produced by SRL, departing from the less visual approach of their previous site. Upon completing the design phase, we then moved on the development. The website was thoroughly tested on desktop, tablet and mobile devices to ensure it worked seamlessly across all platforms.

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  • Vetro Galley Website & Branding
  • Vetro Galley Website & Branding
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