Spreading the cost of web design and SEO

Spreading the cost of web design and SEO.

  • Let’s face it, life's getting tough for business owners nowadays. But you still need to invest. Why not try web design and SEO packages where you can spread the costs over 12 monthly payments? Interest free.

The need to invest is paramount to success

We are regularly contacted by new clients asking why their website isn’t gaining more enquiries. Most people assume it’s due to placement within the search engines, yes that is a major issue. But sometimes you have good placement and ranking but still the leads aren’t consistent coming in. A good standard practice (as mentioned in one of our previous news articles, ‘Website not working? No leads?’), is to refresh your website every two to three years. A tired and poorly maintained website can and will have a detrimental effect on your click throughs and customer engagement. People want to see fresh websites, with the latest relevant information on them.

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